Life Cycle Management: A Long Life for Your System

Maximum performance and availability throughout the lifespan of a system - our comprehensive life cycle management helps you get the most out of your logistics solution!

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat® - Assembly / Maintenance

Why Is Life Cycle Management So Important?

To run everything smoothly in your system, even long term, being able to see the big picture is crucial: From system commissioning to regular maintenance and replacement of defective or discontinued components, our life cycle management is there for you. 

Increase efficiency in your processes right now and ensure a long service life for your system! Contact us!

We monitor, analyze, and act proactively; you benefit from less downtime, better performance, and maximum planning reliability. Our services support your daily operations and prepare your logistics for the challenges of the future. 

Why Is Effective Obsolescence Management Crucial in the Field of Intralogistics?

If materials, components, or products become unavailable, that can be a real problem for your processes. Obsolescence: when parts become obsolete and are discontinued; this cannot be avoided, but it can be managed! Our services include the replacement of discontinued items, to make sure you get the maximum benefit from technical progress.

Your benefits: 

  • We monitor the life cycle of all items; when one is discontinued, we act promptly to minimize operational disruptions. 

  • The Spare Parts Life Cycle Report in our web shop shows replacement solutions for parts that are no longer available. 

  • Normally, we identify direct replacements for discontinued items and deliver them to you. 

  • If a direct replacement is no longer possible, our last-order procedure notifies you proactively, to give you valuable time before a retrofit. 

  • We analyze your system and offer you a customized retrofit. To ensure a smooth transition, we guide you through every step of the retrofit process, either on site or via remote support. 

  • We’ve also developed a life cycle plan for every one of our software solutions, giving you time to plan and implement any necessary upgrades or updates.

Our Services for Efficient Life Cycle Management

We’re here for you - and we’ll continue to be, into the future. With SSI SCHAEFER, you get tailored services for your life cycle management: 

Global Spare Parts Service & Webshop

Your spare parts management is in good hands with us. We handle orders and deliveries, compile lists, assemble packages, and perform the necessary repairs on worn parts. Reliable, responsive, fast, and flexible – our Global Spare Parts Service is there for you, around the clock, around the world. 

Your individual profile lets you find exactly the products you need and keep an eye on the status of your orders at all times. Discover the possibilities the SSI SCHAEFER Webshop offers now! 

Your benefits: 

  • Individualized spare parts packages throughout the entire warranty period 

  • Minimum supply of critical parts for system availability 

  • Comprehensive spare and wearing parts requisition 

  • Service portal with system-specific parts documentation (order archive) 

  • Active end-of-life management with suitable alternatives 

Are you familiar with our Webshop? Ordering your spare parts online is easy, and we deliver them at fixed prices within a guaranteed time frame: 

  • A transparent representation of the entire system structure, with reference to the corresponding subassembly 

  • Integration of all subsystems 

  • Purchase order archive for regular requisition orders 

  • Order and delivery status tracking 

  • Spare Parts Life Cycle Report: Your overview of all the spare parts installed in your system and their current life cycle status. 

Global Spare Parts

As a dedicated business partner, SSI SCHAEFER offers you a comprehensive spare parts service around the clock and from around the world. Whatch our video!

SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy (SMP)

SSI SCHAEFER Resident Maintenance® (RM) is founded on knowledge of the life cycle of your system’s components. The RM approach includes all the maintenance and support services necessary to maintain and optimize your processes so we can work proactively instead of just reacting. 

With the SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy (SMP), we even go one step further: Through global standardization of all processes, systems, and reports, we offer support services perfectly tailored to your needs.  


  1. Service Design: We work with you to adapt our services to your individual needs. 

  2. Service Transition: SSI SCHAEFER technicians provide help on site and prepare your system for start-up. 

  3. Service Opteration: You achieve maximum system efficiency in your day-to-day operations with SMP applications. 

Your benefits: 

  • You can focus on your core business. 

  • We guide you through the maintenance process throughout the system’s entire service life. 

  • We supply everything from a single source for efficient, cost-effective service. 

  • Our proactive support approach helps you achieve better performance and maximum return on investment (ROI). 

  • Our team guarantees fulfillment of performance targets (if requested). 

A Look Behind the Scenes of Resident Maintenance at Our Customer boohoo

Immerse yourself with us in the world of SSI Resident Maintenance, using the example of boohoo, an online fashion company that offers everything from jeans to sneakers for fashion-conscious customers. Craig Patterson, RM Engineering Manager SSI SCHAEFER, provides exclusive insights into the challenges and tasks of his resident maintenance team on site. Have a look!

SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy

SSI SCHAEFER Maintenance Philosophy (SMP) is our "All Inclusive System Service for Maximum System Availability". See for yourself!

Warehouse Optimization With Retrofit

Our retrofit services for warehouse optimization get your system back up to date! We upgrade your SSI SCHAEFER system, as well as systems from third-party suppliers, through component replacement, expansions or IT modernizations. In the process, we also work quickly to reliably ensure optimal integration of new material flows. 

Your benefits:  

  • Up to 30% performance increase 

  • Optimization of organizational and warehouse processes 

  • Extension of your system’s service life 

  • Modernization of your mechanical, electrical, electronic or control technology 

  • Minimal restrictions due to retrofit during ongoing operations 

  • “Grow as you go”: Your system grows flexibly along with your business 

  • Green logistics: Sustainability through energy savings 

Customer Service & Support Reactive Services

Reactive Maintenance: Problem Solved!

Customer Service & Support Preventive Services

Preventive Maintenance: Optimum System Protection

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Warehouse Safety: Danger? Averted!

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