Automated Handling

Whether you palletize or depalletize goods, add documents to containers or cartons, or rely on error-free and traceable picking, SSI SCHAEFER has precisely the right solution to cover all your requirements.

Paper handling systems and container handling systems

Handling systems for high throughput and productivity

The product spectrum encompasses a range of different handling systems:

  • Paper handling systems

  • Container handling systems

  • Depalletizing and palletizing

  • Product Identification

SSI SCHAEFER’s automatic paper and container handling systems guarantee you a rapid material flow in your warehouse and vastly enhance your productivity. High throughput, reliable order processing and efficient container transport are essential components for your company’s financial success.

As a system provider, SSI SCHAEFER combines a diverse range of technologies and components that enhance the efficiency of your warehouse processes. From containers to conveyor systems and software to a fully automated warehouse, we offer you economical intralogistics solutions from a single source.

Material Handling for bins, totes and containers

Paper handling systems

Paper handling systems and container handling systems

Container handling systems

Order Verifier

Product Identification

Depalletizing Robot at Schaeffler

Depalletizing and Palletizing

Handling systems for high throughput and productivity

  • Flexible usage as in addition to almost all common conveyor systems

  • High productivity by automating time-consuming, monotonous activities

  • Maximum economy and time saving through just-in-time printing

  • Consistently high quality through automated processes

  • High throughput due to automated order processing

  • Highly maintenance-friendly due to modular and easily accessible design of the installation and function elements

  • Low noise and efficient energy usage

  • Maximum flexibility due to modular expansion capability

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