Trays from SSI SCHAEFER are designed for use with fully-automated warehouse systems. They offer stability and flexibility along with quiet running and they support positioning of barcodes or RFID tags in addition to numerous other features.

Trays with partition


Practical storage of diverse load carriers

Trays with special characteristics are often required for automated miniload systems and transport on conveying systems. SSI SCHAEFER’s trays are designed to transport all load carriers, made of plastic, steel, and cardboard with dimensions smaller than the specified storage size for the corresponding system. This enables you to store the load carriers directly and saves you the additional transfer work.

One of the major advantages of the polypropylene plastic lies in the fact that the trays are resistant to most acidic and alkaline solutions and oils. In addition, the material has a sound insulation effect when used on conveying systems. This enables the containers to be transported with little noise.

Trays are designed to transport various load carriers

Trays are transporting items made of plastic, steel and cardboard.

  • Trays: with various box divisions for both automated and manual processes (the material used can be recycled completely)

  • Low noise when used on conveying systems

  • Highly stable shape

  • Suitable for run-under, gripper, and pulling technologies

  • Flexible and protected positioning of barcodes or RFID tags

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