WAMAS Maintenance Center

The Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) of SSI SCHAEFER

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Is It Important to Always Keep an Eye on Everything? We Say Yes!

Our specially trained technicians perform maintenance on your system with the help of the WAMAS Maintenance Center. This Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) enables efficient management and monitoring of maintenance and repair work. The key is big data! The tool stores, consolidates, and visualizes all the relevant information to extract informed insights. 

Your benefits: 

  • Paperless workflows and electronic documentation of maintenance activities 

  • A constant overview of your system’s maintenance history 

  • Permanent availability of technical documentation 

  • Preventive avoidance of problems thanks to long-term analysis of the gathered data 

  • Predictive maintenance planning and optimization 

  • Detailed lists of maintenance tasks for each component 

  • Effective structuring of maintenance visits 

  • List of spare parts used and convenient reordering via the SSI SCHAEFER Webshop in the service portal 

We tailor our preventive maintenance services to your exact needs. In addition to visual and acoustic assessment, they include all the steps necessary to keep your system in its target state. 

Keeping Everything Running Smoothly

Want to see how a maintenance visit with our WAMAS Maintenance Center works? Watch our video to learn more!

Customer Service & Support Preventive Services

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