SSI SCHAEFER System Solution and Components

The system solution developed by SSI SCHAEFER consists of four SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Modules, set up in pairs opposite one another. This allows the picker to easily operate four lift modules during normal operation and two at the same time at peak times. The lift modules use the entire warehouse height of 14 meters. Each SSI LOGIMAT® offers a storage volume of roughly 60 m³ and takes up approximately 13 m² of space. In order to fully exploit this storage capacity, two lift modules were equipped with 159 trays and two with 94 trays. These are fitted with 500 ELB and 1,000 EF bins from SSI SCHAEFER, which can accommodate approximately 10,000 different small spare parts. The lift module solution houses all small parts that were previously stored on pallets in one warehouse to make room for larger spare parts in the pallet racks. This increases the total capacity of the warehouse to roughly 1,500 euro pallet locations.

To ensure quick, error-free storage and retrieval processes for these small components, the control software of the lift modules was equipped with an interface developed by SSI SCHAEFER for communicating with QuantiParts' existing ERP system.

When storing the parts, the items are automatically measured and assigned to a suitable storage location. When retrieving the components, the warehouse management system transfers the order lines to the SSI LOGIMAT®, which directly controls the corresponding item trays. These are transported to the operating opening, where the employee is shown the parts to be picked on a 17-inch touch panel. In order to minimize the picking error rate and increase the picking speed, the lift modules are equipped with the LOGIPOINTER option, which indicates the items to be retrieved in the tray using a laser pointer. The combination of the LOGIWORK and LOGITILT functions allow for extremely ergonomic retrieval with a height-adjustable operating opening and a tray tilting mechanism, which eliminate the need for employees to perform physically demanding work. The LOGIFIRE option provides additional safety in the event of a fire, whereby the SSI LOGIMAT® finishes the current movement and the elevator moves to the lowest position.