What Does the Rack Inspection Check?

Our inspection includes the requirements of the European standard (EN 15635) and covers all the important aspects for your rack safety. After the inspection, we’ll be happy to provide you with a detailed inspection report for audits and further maintenance activities: 

  • Proper use of the racks and suitability assessment of the pallets used by type, quality and size 

  • Correct handling of protruding loads and guarantee of load stability 

  • Use of ground conveyors appropriate for the rack design 

  • Cross beam height deviations from the original design, floor anchoring, attachment and use of safety locks 

  • Installation and visibility of required signage for the compartment and field loads 

  • Bent cross beams, damage to frames, cross beams, pallet rails, jibs, floor channels, etc. 

  • Calibration of the rack uprights for straightness, if damage is identified 

  • Column guards and other safety devices, possible floor damage, perpendicularity of racks at block and rack ends