What is picking in logistics?

Order picking is basically the act of picking inventory for an order either manually or fully automated. There are various types of picking that can happen within a distribution center and vary based on inventory, industry, and scale of operations within the fulfillment center. Once an order is picked, it is packed and shipped to either the end-user customer or the retailer. 

Manual Picking

Diverse solutions for manual picking according to the person-to-goods principle round off our picking system product range. Here, too, your employees play a key role. We support your order pickers with smart modular solutions that optimize efficiency and reliability while promoting occupational health.

One of our systems for manual picking is based on picking with a signal lamp on the storage compartment (pick by light). This paperless system, which can be easily integrated into existing picking processes, is easy to operate and maintain and ensures maximum delivery reliability and short distances for your employees. With RF Picking and Pick by Voice, we also offer you further options in the field of manual picking.

Your benefits:

  • Highest picking quality

  • Optimal material flow

  • minimizing error rates

  • Maximum protection of your products

  • Easy to integrate into existing processes

  • Maximum scalability

  • Rapid implementation

  • Ergonomic workstations