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Fully automated warehouse solutions for retail and wholesale distribution and fulfillment


Automated retail and wholesale distribution systems

Semi- and automated retail and wholesale distribution solutions for e-commerce fulfillment, omnichannel distribution, and brick-and-mortar replenishment for various retailer types are becoming more common. SSI SCHAEFER has solutions to meet retail and wholesale challenges like handling peak volume, accurate order fulfillment, returns, and even SKU proliferation. Everything from automated storage to picking, to packout, SSI SCHAEFER has retail and wholesale distribution covered.

Today's customer wants product quickly and insists on convenience when it comes to how and where to purchase products. At SSI SCHAEFER, our team of retail experts has engineered and constructed some of the world’s largest distribution centers for major retail banners worldwide. Our retail team works with you from conception all the way through install and even provides residence maintenance once your system is up and running. Even if you’re just looking for a retail fulfillment strategy, SSI SCHAEFER can work with you to help develop a solution that scales as your business grows and deliver the best ROI to fit your needs. We’ll help you keep customers happy with fast and accurate distribution.

Maximize distribution with these influential products and services from SSI SCHAEFER:

Ergonomic workstations that integrate into any material handling process. From goods-in, to picking, to packout and shipping, SSI SCHAEFER has workstations that are designed to work with warehouse employees. Designed for human performance and to reduce physical strain, SSI SCHAEFER ergonmics@work!® workstation systems helps provide greater throughput with optimum layout and easy-to-reach displays and user guidance.

Container systems trays are durable for everyday use and made with 100% recyclable material. SSI SCHAEFER containers and trays come in a variety of options as well. Choose from an array of colors, lids, and materials, such as ESD for sensitive electronics. Stack and Nest, straight wall, and mesh containers all cube out to work nicely on a pallet for easy storage and transport. 

Picking Systems for fully automated, semi-automated, and manual processes are all available. SSI SCHAEFER works with various retail clients, from small boutique ecommerce retailers to regional chains, all the way to large Fortune 100 companies. SSI SCHAEFER has solutions to increase picking throughput and virtually guarantee error-free picking. Robotic picking systems, gantry robotic picking, goods to person, pick to light and put to light, voice picking, and batch picking are all available as retail solutions.

Waveless picking makes retail and wholesale order fulfillment fast and accurate. Waveless picking works with both manual and automated picking and delivers a consistent and steady flow of order fulfillment while using resources efficiently throughout the day to maximize productivity.

Efficient returns handling gets resealable stock back into the system and available for sale, which includes quickly restocking for quick resale. WAMAS® logistic software solutions can speed up the turnaround process for quick restocking and resale picking distribution.

Auto-guided transport systems like AGVs and AMRs help reduce labor and boost productivity.

Acting in your best interests

  • WAMAS® and SAP software solutions for manual, partially automated, or fully automated distribution centers. Complete warehouse management software that integrates into retail ERP systems

  • Solving for retail and wholesale distribution rapid replenishment and accurate picking and order fulfillment

  • Same day or short delivery times

  • Large number of orders with smaller quantities and units

  • Larger quantity of returns

  • Seasonal product fluctuations and peak season volume

  • Increased loyalty and sales promotions with value-add marketing material

  • Omnichannel sales with different order types handled in one centralized distribution center or various micro fulfillment locations

The SSI SCHAEFER comprehensive product and solution portfolio combined with its exceptional IT expertise provides both custom and efficient solutions to meet your retail and wholesale fulfillment needs.

These retail and wholesale solutions have been engineered specifically for market verticals such as apparel, automotive parts, convenience store, department stores, discount chains, grocery, electronics, food service, furniture, hardware, hospitality, home improvement, office supplies, online retail, and pet supplies. As always, SSI SCHAEFER welcomes the chance to discuss your project with you. We’ll even consult to determine the best solution fit and perform a return on investment calculation through an engineering study.

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Acting in your best interests.

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The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

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