Case Study Mydibel

Perfection in deep-freeze logistics SSI SCHAEFER implemented an automated channel storage system in the deep-freeze sector for the food manufacturer Mydibel.

Pallet conveying system

Perfection in deep-freeze logistics

SSI SCHAEFER implemented an automated channel storage system in the deep-freeze sector for the food manufacturer Mydibel. Controlled by the warehouse management system WAMAS®, storage and retrieval machines with Orbiter® shuttles and an intelligent material flow concept provide high transparency, significant efficiency increases and improved service. In order to exchange the complex manual storage at five facilities, Mydibel management decided to concentrate all storage capacities in one new, modern warehouse complex at the Mouscron head quarters.

Since May 2012, the plant completed within 18 months, has been running in all-out operation. In the five 93 m long aisles of the high-bay channel storage system the pallets are stored on eleven rack levels. 57 channels per level are accessible on every side of the aisle by the 5 storage and retrieval machines (SRM). Except for the two outer channels, the channels can be operated from two aisles by the use of the Schaefer Orbiter System. Depending on the demand, Mydibel can load the channels from two sides with different batches or according to the principle First-In-First-Out, store on one side of the channel and retrieve on the other side. After accepting the pallets, the SRMs move the pallets to the targeted channel. Both material flows are partially separated and controlled by WAMAS®. Mydibel can either store or retrieve or use both functions simultaneously.

Thus was the conveying system designed so that both material streams move on them. From goods receiving, the supplied pallets are transferred to the conveying system. An automatic relocating-station then puts system pallets under the goods receiving pallets. The conveying system leads the pallets to the storage spurs of the high-bay warehouse (HBW). The central pallet conveying system serves 2 conveying sections at the storage spurs which are located on top of each other. The storage is done on the bottom level and the retrieval is done via the top level.

The retrievals from the HBW either target the production supply with raw materials and semi-finished goods or the order picking. On both conveying sections, a lift system with the function of a vertical loop guides the pallets to the basis level. The goods shipping pallets are guided on one conveying section that serves 11 shipping lines. With a capacity of nearly 100 pallets, the shipping lines create a buffer for the sequencing of the goods shipping pallets for a total of 3 truck loads.

Case Study Mydibel S. A.

SSI SCHAEFER has implemented an automated channel storage system in the deep-freeze sector (-24°C) for the food manufacturer Mydibel in the Belgian Mouscron.

Case Study Mydibel

  • Central storage at just one site

  • More efficient use/implementation of personnel

  • Automation and optimization of storage and
    distribution processes

  • Increase in efficiency as well as storage capacity
    to face growing demand

  • Easier ensurance of maintaining deep-freeze chain
    by acceleration of picking as well as omission of
    transports between warehouses

  • Increase in throughput and quality of service

  • Simulation and design plan 

  • Planning of logistics and construction as
    construction stage design

  • Fire protection concept: Oxy-Reduct and air lock
    chambers instead of sprinkler system

  • Automated channel storage with shuttle technique

  • Storage and Retrieval Machines with Orbiter® shuttles

  • Visualization

  • Control system for warehouse management and
    material flow

  • Pallet conveying system

Since storage capacities have been merged and are now focused in the new warehouse complex at the head quarters, heavily hooded fork lift operators are now a thing of the past. Out of Mouscron, the family-run company Mydibel, founded in 1988, ships approx. 1,100 frozen potato products to the food industry, retail chains, and catering companies in more than 75 countries. During the design phase of his new deep-freeze warehouse, the food manufacturer decided on an automated channel storage system with shuttle technique.


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