Sustainability Report 2022


Sustainability Report 2022

SSI SCHAEFER Group, a leading global solution provider for all areas of intralogistics, published in September 2023 its second sustainability report. The report documents the company's progress in 2022 towards a more sustainable future. Activities focused on implementing measures that were defined in the sustainability strategy developed back in 2021. The sustainability strategy takes equal account of ecological, social and economic aspects.

In this report we'll give you a detailed overview:

  • Sustainability Management at SSI SCHAEFER

  • How we define value-oriented corporate culture

  • How to ensure innovative and sustainable solutions

  • How we organise responsible management

  • Show facts and figures including GRI Index

You can download the entire Sustainability Report 2022 here

Sustainability Report 2021

In August 2022, SSI SCHAEFER published its first sustainability report. The report for fiscal year 2021 was prepared on the basis of the internationally recognized standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). This was preceded by a comprehensive analysis, on the basis of which four fields of action were defined. In each field of action, SSI SCHAEFER sets concrete goals based on measurable key figures or initiatives with clear deadlines.

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SSI SCHAEFER Sustainability Report 2021 SSI SCHAEFER

50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders Initiative

Partnering for sustainable, economical, and future-proof material handling solutions.
As the first material handling company, SSI SCHAEFER has been invited to participate in the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative. It demonstrates transformational climate action by the international business community, and the desire to rise to the challenge of climate change and to meet the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

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50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders
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