Best Place to Work: Ergonomics Meets Efficiency

An activity is carried out efficiently and effectively when it comes easy and follows clear processes. In order to meet these requirements, as part of the ergonomics@work!® program, we implement special picking stations designed to motivate employees, promote peak performance and significantly improve ergonomics at the work station. Movements such as lifting and carrying are assisted with ergonomic pulling and pushing. This means optimization of workflows and work heights. The goal is to create “feel-good work stations” that feature intuitive operator guidance using intelligent communication and display systems. The solutions are specifically tailored to the customer’s needs.

Ergonomics and Impressive Picking Performance: Advanced Pick Station two-level

The Advanced Pick Station two-level is suitable for small and throwable items that can be gripped with one hand. It is fast, ergonomic and allows multi-order picking with a performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour. The source and target bins are served on two different levels and the gripping sequence is from “top to bottom.” This allows the daily load and thus the workload to be significantly reduced. As early as in the design phase, we took into account that people with disabilities can also work at these stations – such as in two distribution centers of the leading US drugstore chain Walgreens.

Highest picking quality is guaranteed thanks to clear operator guidance and precise counting of the picking quantity with the aid of light curtains at the target locations. Touch-friendly surfaces such as wooden elements optimize the human-machine interface and facilitate the work. This is also evidenced by stress tests performed in collaboration with universities and research institutes.

Error-free and highly dynamic picking is especially required in fast-moving e-commerce and omnichannel business. Our ergonomic work stations are also used, for example, in the superlative omnichannel logistics center that we implemented for the Chinese retail giant Suning. There, partially automated work stations ensure that orders can be processed quickly.

Scalable, Modular, Flexible: Customized Logistics Solutions

Our work station systems can be connected to all SSI SCHAEFER automated small parts warehouse: Shuttle systems, miniload systems and even to our SSI Carousel system. A flexible connection using automated guided vehicles is also possible. This means we offer our customers a maximum degree of freedom in the development of customized and ergonomic logistics solutions.


Markus Schellinger 
Director, Technology & Solutions, Retail & Wholesale at SSI SCHAEFER

“We strive to contribute to the design of the “Best Place to Work” and to maximize the workplace appeal.”

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