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With FTD magazine’s special feature topic “Industry 4.0: Automation and robotics”,  SSI SCHAEFER, one of the world’s leaders in intralogistics solutions, and Brett Thirup, Managing Director of SSI SCHAEFER ANZ provided their perspective.

Photo of Brett Thirup as new Managing Director Australia and New Zealand

IBM defines Industry 4.0 as the realisation of digital transformation, delivering real-time decision making, enhanced productivity, flexibility and agility to revolutionise the way companies manufacture, improve and distribute their products. The keyword for intralogistics is Smart Logistics. Customers now want to be able to access inventories from anywhere and at any time, and also obtain availability and system information readily.

Industry 4.0 priorities for logistics

Standardisation and data security

Previously, Thilo Jörgl, Chief Editor of the German trade magazine Logistik heute explained “Data has to be exchanged between different companies throughout the entire value chain”,. “Companies offering closed systems for intralogistics will face problems because they increase the difficulty of, or even prevent, this type of data exchange.”

Brett Thirup, Managing Director of SSI SCHAEFER ANZ explains that standardised and accessible systems are essential in the age of Industry 4.0. "A flexible and scalable WMS, such as SSI SCHAEFER's WAMAS, ensures an efficient flow of goods and optimised device utilisation within automated warehouse areas," he says. “With our standardised software solutions, all logistical processes and functions of your warehouse can be planned, controlled, and optimised professionally. We offer you exactly the right modules to fit the specific requirements for the operation of your warehouse. And because we always keep your entire company in mind, our systems can also be seamlessly integrated into the higher-level system landscape.“

Effectively utilising big data

Big data and its critical role in intralogistics, lives up to its name, given the vast amounts generated by sensors integrated into machines and systems. Sven Göhring, Technical Director at one of SSI SCHAEFER’s German customers, KNV Logistik GmbH, identified “the key lies in finding and monitoring the useful data within this flood of information. Which data is important and which do I need?”, he said.


Providing all of the key data in real time is a defining aspect of In

dustry 4.0. Often, systems are unable to talk to each other; this is why open interfaces are so essential. Without continuous and comprehensive communication among machines and humans, intralogistics will be unable to benefit fully from the fourth industrial revolution.

Thirup explains at SSI SCHAEFER this approach extends from monitoring and control functions to the complete coverage of logistics requirements and optimal integration into intralogistics and business processes and systems. "It links individual application components to form a coherent overall system, while providing and analysing logistics KPIs."

Clinging to a one-dimensional approach

Logistics companies that continue to cling to a rigid and relatively one-dimensional approach to storage and shipping will face major difficulties with remaining competitive. The question for logistics companies is which steps are necessary to keep pace with the developments.

Thirup summarises, "the key is partnership and customisation; you can't settle for a one-size-fits all solution. You need a partner which will listen, learn and understand your businesses, to offer a solution that will meet your needs and objectives both today and well into the future."

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