SSI SCHAEFER at CeMAT Australia 2023

SSI Schaefer, a global leader in intralogistics and automated warehouses, is attending CeMAT Australia 2023 on July 25-27. At this year’s show, the brand — known worldwide as a full-service, one-stop shop for end-to-end supply chain solutions — is demonstrating how a holistic, customised approach to automating and future-proofing warehouses can address the many challenges warehouse managers face today and in the near future.

To experience SSI Schaefer’s digital representation of an automated warehouse with products hotspots, please visit Stand #L11 (The Dome, Sydney Olympic Park).

Particularly in recent years, suppliers have had to balance high consumer expectations, the push to reduce carbon footprints, instability in supply chains, and rising costs, among other challenges. In fact, according to a newly-released study by the Reserve Bank of Australia, rising prices are increasingly related to high consumer demand. Modern consumers not only have greater needs in terms of volume, but in today’s digital economy they also expect ever-greater speed, convenience, and innovation.

Complex challenges require comprehensive, tailored solutions

The key to addressing the many challenges for suppliers across industries is a holistic, customised approach to designing and managing facilities and embracing warehouse automation. As a full-service, consultative partner in this process, SSI Schaefer has championed this customer-centric approach across a wide range of market sectors. Offering both breadth and depth of expertise across all aspects of intralogistics — from simple storage to complete fulfilment solutions — the brand focuses on guiding customers throughout their individual journey from manual to automation.

"There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in our industry, and each customer has unique business challenges, particularly in today’s environment,” notes Ronni Poulsen, Senior Vice President, Regional Head APAC and MEA at SSI Schaefer. “Whether it’s a greenfield project or retrofitting, our systemic, individualised approach takes account of all material flows before delivering what is exactly right for each business, both now and into the future."

A common theme among many companies in Australia and New Zealand is struggling with a lack of space and the need to quickly expand storage capacity and fulfillment capabilities. To address this, SSI Schaefer has a range of solutions to maximise use of existing space, offering immediate results while planning for the future.

Envisioning the big picture of automation at CeMAT Australia

To demonstrate its full range of capabilities on-site at CeMAT, SSI Schaefer is offering an AR visualisation tool for visitors to explore while speaking with its experts. Using this tool, attendees can envision the designs, infrastructure, and material flows of a facility equipped with fully future-ready automation systems — particularly automated high-density storage systems — providing a visual preview of a partnership with SSI Schaefer.

All-in-one, centralised management

A cornerstone of SSI Schaefer’s full-service portfolio is end-to-end software. Platforms such as its WAMAS® solution deliver centralised coordination, visualisation, monitoring, and management of warehouse operations.

The WAMAS software portfolio provides a 360-degree logistics software toolbox of turnkey solutions, but WAMAS-based warehouse solutions take intralogistics performance to the next level, comprising of perfectly coordinated products, modules and solutions. These can be implemented according to a mix-and-match principle to provide exactly what a customer’s warehouse project or distribution concept requires, as well as easily adapted and expanded at any time.

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