SSI SCHAEFER supplies a Heavy-Duty Mobile Racking System to Offergeld Logistik

Provider of Logistics Services Favors a Space-Saving, Sustainable and Dynamic Solution for Storing a Maximum Number of Loading Aids in Confined Space

The mobile racking system, which increases capacity and improves storage density, will be integrated into a new hall that the logistics service provider has built in Dormagen, Germany. Here it will centralize several warehouses and streamline processes to make them more efficient as throughput increases. As an intralogistics partner, SSI SCHAEFER supports Offergeld in these reorganization efforts by offering a solution concept that is precisely customized to the specifications and structural conditions.

Since its foundation in 1924, the Offergeld Group has seen steady growth in line with the requirements of its customers and is now represented at 15 locations throughout Europe. In optimized supply and value chains, the logistics service provider takes responsibility for its customers’ processes, often highly sensitive, in the areas of purchasing, warehousing, transport, value-added services (VAS) and distribution.

Planning Long-term Partnership with a View towards the Future

Reduced costs, short cycle times, streamlined processes and end-to-end transparency along the supply chain are critical factors that are incorporated into Offergeld’s customized logistics solutions. To optimize processes even further in times of growing cost pressure and dynamically changing market conditions, the service provider is now centralizing several warehouses in a new 9,600 m² building at the Dormagen site. The quick response to their initial inquiry, and the solution concept that was presented, were among the decisive factors in the decision to award SSI SCHAEFER the order for the delivery and installation of the heavy-duty mobile racking system. “As a family-operated company, we offer state-of-the-art services from a single source and score points with firm values and short decision-making paths. This orientation is also characteristic for SSI SCHAEFER, ensuring the best prerequisites for a long-term partnership,” says Philipp Kreuer, authorized signatory of Offergeld Zentralverwaltung (OVZ) GmbH & Co. KG, Würselen. André Schmidt, SSI SCHAEFER Project Sales, adds: “We are excited to be able to provide initial support for Offergeld’s further expansion on this basis, with a service module customized to its current requirements, which, coupled with enhanced performance, will help to reduce process and operating costs in the long run.”

Flexible Solution with High Storage Density in a Minimal Amount of Space

The first step for SSI SCHAEFER will be to install a heavy-duty mobile racking system in the new logistics center, which will feature 41,000 pallet locations for a wide range of products, including those from industry and the automotive sector. This solution can be installed in 45% less space than stationary racking rows delivering the same storage capacity. At the same time, the use of the mobile racking system increases storage capacity by up to 90%, as significantly less circulation space is required. The system is made up of five blocks, is approximately 125 m long and 67 m wide. The top pallet is set down at a height of approximately 11 meters. This allows for particularly high storage density, which would be impossible to achieve with stationary racking given the limited hall space available. Process and energy costs also decrease. The modular mobile racking system is scalable and, if capacity requirements increase, it can be expanded and added to at any time.

Modular Construction Allows for Short Implementation Times

Work has begun on installing the rails and racks, with commissioning scheduled for October 2021. At the same time, as part of its continuous improvement process, Offergeld Logistik is taking a closer look at the option of using an automated guided vehicle system (AGV) for large load carriers at the Dormagen site, which SSI SCHAEFER offers in combination with a mobile racking system exclusively from a single source. The solution also offers the flexibility to add to the initial number of autonomously operating vehicles in the fleet if the performance requirements increase further.

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