Upscale Your Warehouse: Thomas Elstner Presenting at CeMAT 2024

This year at CeMAT in Melbourne Thomas ElstnerHead of Product Management, SSI SCHAEFER will present Upscale your Warehouse: How Will Software be Integral to Driving your Business Innovations Into the Future?

Software is the key competitive advantage for your intralogistics. It is the main factor in reducing the complexity of, and optimising, your warehouse performance.

Software can be the central intelligence to any size of operation; it should fit the specific requirements for the operation of your warehouse, and should be able to grow with your operation into the future. Only when internal flows of goods and materials are displayed and processed transparently can your warehouse processes be configured optimally.

What are the key features and benefits when deploying a software solution in your warehouse? How to determine what your operation needs and what you should prioritise.

Thomas Elstner, Head of Product Management, SSI SCHAEFER

  • Brett Thirup, Managing Director Australia and New Zealand, SSI SCHAEFER

  • Jens Nikolai, National Sales Manager, SSI SCHAEFER

  • Airyn Ong, Head of Software APAC & MEA, SSI SCHAEFER

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