Batch Picking

The SSI SCHAEFER Batch Picking is a semi-automated person-to-goods picking system. Along with moderate and low-turnover products, it is suitable for high-turnover items, which are unsuitable for automated handling.

Batch Picking

Batch Picking

The economical solution for rapid order processing

Rapid order processing for products with a high ordering frequency and different characteristics creates complex challenges for an optimum warehouse material flow. SSI SCHAEFER’s Batch Picking carries out these tasks rapidly, easily, and efficiently.

The Batch Picking is a picking system for parallel, manual, person-to-goods order processing. The same articles are picked for multiple orders and distributed among the individual orders at the filling module. This system supports and optimizes your picking processes, increases productivity, and guarantees short cycle times.

High flexibility, the best possible ergonomics, and high economy ensure the ideal procedures in your warehouse. By integrating proven technology, the Batch Picking is the optimum enhancement for the comprehensive picking systems from
SSI SCHAEFER. It is especially suitable for:

  • High-turnover products that cannot be picked using automated systems due to their shape and packaging requirements

  • Moderate and low-turnover products with geometries that enable automated picking, yet are not required frequently enough for a channel system to be feasible 

Your picking operators receive all necessary information via radio-frequency terminals (RF terminal) to locate the desired articles in the article containers and transfer them to the filling module. The RF terminal is worn on the arm and connected to the ring scanner. The order data is read directly from the display and confirmed on the RF terminal. The information is transferred wirelessly to the line computer via the access point. In addition to radio-frequency terminals, Pick by Voice or Pick by Light systems can also be utilized to support the picking process.

Perfectly harmonized components

SSI SCHAEFER delivers all Batch Picking components from containers to technical equipment and management software. As such, you receive a complete, one-stop solution. Our extensive experience ensures that you receive a rapid installation and fully integrated components.

High throughput and more efficiency

Throughput with 600 lines per hour and greater efficiency than conventional picking systems with only one operator.

Parallel Picking System

Multiple users can simultaneously pick articles for multiple orders using one filling module. As a consequence, with the Batch Picking from SSI SCHAEFER you benefit from a higher throughput (600 lines per hour) and greater efficiency than conventional picking systems with only one operator. The smart user guidance guarantees high picking quality and a low error rate.

With the Batch Picking, the orders are managed, controlled, and checked with our WAMAS® logistics software and then optimized by the warehouse control computer. The various orders are then transferred to and processed in the individual sectors. The efficient order consolidation (batch formation) is one key factor that contributes to the significant increase in performance.

Parallel Picking System
  • Best-possible order fulfillment time, through parallel processing

  • Suitable for: High-turnover products that cannot be picked using automated systems due to their shape and packaging requirements, or moderate and low turnover products that are not required frequently enough to justify automated picking

  • Product sizes from 280 x 230 x 200 mm; volume of up to 18 l per slot

  • Efficient order processing through program-controlled order optimization

  • High-performance picking and path optimization through batch formation

  • Throughput of up to 600 lines per hour

  • High quality work stations in the picking zone thanks to their ergonomic design

  • Efficient resource usage

  • Clear and simply designed picking process

  • Short familiarization times and high-quality picking due to smart user guidance (very user-friendly)

  • Application areas: Healthcare and Cosmetics, Fashion, Industry, Retail and Wholesale

  • Low investment costs

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