Customized Packaging

Unique packaging solutions providing excellent protection for your products

Palettisation of filled workpiece carrier

Customized Packaging

Unique packaging solutions provide excellent protection for your products

Packaging protects products during transport from the manufacturer to the consumer. Yet simple packaging is often inadequate. SSI SCHAEFER offers you tailor-made, customized solutions which offer optimal protection for your products during transport and storage.

Customized packaging from SSI SCHAEFER consists of two components: a container with Euro dimensions and a customized packaging insert. The container is equipped with the packaging insert to guarantee optimum transport and storage conditions. All packaging is designed to match the contours of your products — ensuring the perfect fit and enabling excellent protection against soiling or damage.

A variety of different packaging inserts and inlays are available. SSI SCHAEFER offers you the following options:

Comprehensive support

You will always benefit from SSI SCHAEFER packaging, regardless of which solution you choose. Reusable packaging reduces your costs and also makes a sustainable choice for the environment by decreasing waste. 

SSI SCHAEFER offers consulting services and will provide layouts, drawings, or samples — everything you need for a precise and contoured packaging solution.

Solutions for warehousing and workshop equipment

  • Packaging engineered with customized sizes and perfectly designed for your products

  • Protects products against external influences during transport and storage

  • Transportable units with standard sizes

  • Sustainable packaging through reuse, which reduces waste

  • Reduces costs for single-use packaging

  • Enables automated handling

Customized Packaging from SSI SCHAEFER

Lutz Sikorsky, our expert for customized packaging, explains how customized packaging makes the material flow more efficient and faster.

The blue box

Visitors at Märklin will see what appears to be a simple blue box everywhere they turn. This inconspicuous box is the product of more than two years of joint development from...

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Workpiece carrier made from PP for eight parts

Injection molded workpiece carrier

LTB container with vacuum-formed insert

Thermoformed load carrier

LTB container with custom made insert (milled baseplate with extruded pins)

Assembled inserts

ELB Cut & Weld

Cut & Weld container


Dangerous Goods Container

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