SSI LOGIMAT® warehouse lift & WEASEL® Lite automated guided vehicle system

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Semi-automatic system solution for small parts picking in confined spaces

Cost optimization thanks to ergonomic system solutions with WEASEL® LITE and SSI LOGIMAT®

Increase in quality and efficiency thanks to system-guided process control during warehousing, storage and retrieval, picking and transport of small load carriers. The challenges that are aggravated by fluctuating demand and the shortage of skilled staff can be solved by combining one or several vertical lift modules SSI LOGIMAT® with automated guided vehicles, type WEASEL® Lite by SSI SCHAEFER. Storage density is increased, technical performance and picking quality improve and downtimes during operation caused by slow material supply or incorrectly supplied parts are almost excluded. 



WEASEL® Classic


Your challenges

Identifying potentials for improvement and solving challenges of large load carrier handling

  • Shortage of specialists: Lack of skilled personnel to meet increasing requirements.

  • Competitiveness jeopardized: Cost pressure due to manual warehousing processes with increasing salary expenses.

  • Exploited hall cubature: Storage area cannot be expanded due to structural conditions.

  • Time limitations: Manual warehouse processes can only be transferred to 24/7 production at increased expense.

  • Low picking performance: Inadequate delivery quality and on-time delivery generate declining customer satisfaction.

  • No continuous flow of goods: Material buffering ensures unproductive work processes and occupies storage space.

Benefits of combining SSI LOGIMAT® and WEASEL® Lite at a glance:

✓ 50% time savings during entire picking

✓ Increase in availability speed by 90%

✓ 120 m² storage space on a footprint of 11 m² possible

✓ Constantly timed flow of goods

✓ Improved workload

✓ Reduction of buffered stock and error reduction

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Solution Promise

For reliable planning, implementation and expandability. We can guarantee you this in advance:

  • Extensibility: Solution grows with your requirements.

  • High economic efficiency: ROI of less than months possible.

  • Reliable 24/7 operation: No work interruptions.

  • Holistic overview: One WMS for all components.

  • Efficient material flow: Through clear system control.

  • Easy planning and realization: Quick change possible.

Process description

Interaction of SSI LOGIMAT® and WEASEL® Lite

The solution and the process at a glance

1. GOODS RECEIPT: After successful goods receipt, WEASEL AGV picks up the material

2. STORAGE: Storage in storage compartment by employees

3. STORAGE: Safe storage by means of storage location display by LogiPointer and graphic display on device terminal

4. COMMISSIONING: Order generated from ERP and picked in SSI LOGIMAT®. Automatic synchronization and storage

5. DELIVERY: KANBAN orders, production supply, supermarket filling or spare parts supply uncomplicatedly possible

6. PACKING: After picking, produced materials are transported to shipping zone


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Solution at a glance - an intelligent interaction

Combination of SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module and WEASEL® Lite automated guided vehicle using WAMAS® LOGIMAT software for smooth integration of the solution.

Vertical Lift Module LOGIMAT

Vertical Lift Module SSI LOGIMAT®

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Control and Software

Automated guided WEASEL®

AGVs for Small Load Carriers

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