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FREJA Transport & Logistics A/S: E-commerce warehouse for fashion retail


FREJA is a full-service provider of transportation and logistical services. With comprehensive global transport alliances, storage facilities and bonded warehouses in the Nordic region, the company offers transport, order booking, packing and packaging jobs and end-recipient deliveries for their customers in all business areas.

The privately-owned Danish company FREJA was founded in 1985 by Jørgen J. Hansen and is today an international player with branches in Denmark as well as Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland and China.

Since its establishment FREJA has experienced annual growth rates of approx. 20 percent, and today the company employs around 800 committed employees and has 2 million consignments every year.

For Europe's biggest shoe retailer Deichmann, FREJA handles all e-commerce orders  for the Danish and Swedish markets. The agreement includes storage of shoes, order picking and fulfillment service as well as shipping of all e-commerce orders for both countries. All the orders are handled and shipped from FREJA’s office and warehouse in Skanderborg, Denmark.

“With the planned growth rates of our customer we could either chose to do more of the same and put up more shelving systems for manual picks – or think innovative. We chose to do the latter.”

The collaboration between SSI SCHAEFER and FREJA

Prior to the new picking and storage solution all the shoes were stored on shelves in an external warehouse, taking up more than 1,000  of shelving storage space, where employees had to walk a lot to pick every order.

The fashion retailer has set up ambitious growth plans for the development on Danish and Swedish markets. Therefore, FREJA needed to ensure that the warehouse would live up to these plans in the future.

After careful evaluation of several suppliers FREJA chose 10 SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift modules from

SSI SCHAEFER as their new picking and storage solution for the fulfilment of all Deichmann’s e-commerce orders. After only ten days of installation the lifts were ready to be filled. Each SSI LOGIMAT® includes 37 trays, allowing more than 40,000 pairs of shoes to be stored in total.

The SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lifts are equipped with LOGITILT function which gives the employee a good overview of each tray and makes the picking from the lifts very ergonomic.

“We chose this solution together with FREJA in order to be faster and more efficient and we are very happy with the complete solution.”
Dennis Timmermann Distribution Logistics at Deichmann SE

With the SSI LOGIMAT® FREJA is now able to store and pick the same number of shoes in only 350 m² instead of 1,000 m² – and they are ready for the future growth.

The space saving solution even made it possible for FREJA to combine several warehouses into one, and thereby terminate an external lease and gather all warehousing activities on one location.

Furthermore, the speed of the order fulfillment has increased. FREJA now have faster and more efficient picks and the travel in the warehouse was reduced to a minimum, saving many steps for the employees every day.

Another benefit from the lifts is the ergonomic picking due to the LOGITILT function that tilts the trays in the access opening to ensure ergonomic picking.

“SSI SCHAEFER did a good job trying to understand what our needs were and that gave  us confidence and combined with the fact that they had an economically sound solution, a good quality and good references, the choice was easy to make."
Marina Steensen, Group Healthcare Logistics Director at FREJA.


"SSI SCHAEFER did a great job of understanding our need, and was always reassuring."


“SSI SCHAEFER did a great job of understanding our needs, and was always reassuring. Compared with that, they had a financially sensible solution, a high quality and good references, and then the choice was easy.”
Marina Steensen, Group Healthcare Logistics Director at FREJA

Vertical Lift Module SSI LOGIMAT®

The SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift is your warehousing and picking solution in one system. The latest generation of vending machines follows the item-to-person principle and sets new standards when it comes to performance and ergonomic operation.

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With the investment, FREJA was thus able to abolish an external warehouse and gather their warehouse in one place.

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