SSI SCHAEFER Plastics Creates Strong Impression With Versatile Transport and Packaging Solutions

  • Successful Trade Fair Presence for SSI SCHAEFER Plastics in Nuremberg

  • Focus Topics covering an area of 180 m²: Sustainability, Intelligence, Automation – Think Tomorrow.

  • Conserving natural resources, improving the carbon footprint and reducing costs permanently

Following IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technology, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics GmbH once again presented itself as an independent company within the SSI SCHAEFER Group at this year’s FACHPACK, on September 27 to 29, 2022 (32,000 visitors from 90 countries). In line with the trade fair’s theme, "Transition in Packaging", the main focus was on resource-friendly, 100% recyclable and returnable plastic containers designed for a long service life. The solutions presented were designed to meet growing requirements for sustainability, especially against the backdrop of climate change and energy shortage. At the same time, users can save money for the long term. Further highlights for trade fair visitors included automation containers and, on the dangerous goods side, bespoke packaging with thermoformed inserts made of DSD materials.  

Durable, 100% Recyclable and Returnable Plastic Containe

The offer to supply products manufactured from plastic granulate and bearing the German government’s "Blue Angel" environmental label was also very well received. This category includes in particular eurobox containers for manual handling, as well as new High-Performance Automation containers specifically designed for use in fully automated shuttle warehouses. The same is true of the foldable and nestable SSI SCHAEFER Plastics containers, which reduce the transport volume up to 75% when returning empties by truck, and improve the carbon footprint.

Bespoke Packaging for Maximum Product Protection, Even with Dangerous Goods

Thermoformed inserts made from DSD materials for storing and transporting dangerous goods were also introduced for the first time at FACHPACK 2022. "Furthermore, the RL-KLT GGV dangerous goods container was very well received; it offers reliable protection for solid hazardous materials, meets the requirements of ADR, and enables safe handling in automated environments," adds Thomas Jettkant, Sales Manager for Bespoke Packaging at SSI SCHAEFER Plastics. "Another highlight included the advanced KMB series, which we are currently establishing on the market as a new product line. The reduced-volume small load carriers (KLTs) were adapted to dangerous goods requirements and are being certified accordingly." This ensures that SSI SCHAEFER Plastics will be able to meet the increasing rise in demand for bespoke packaging, such as packaging for storage and safe transport of Li-ion batteries.    

SSI SCHAEFER Plastics is also taking another important step for dangerous goods handling in terms of manipulation and theft prevention.
As such, Smart-Lock offers a digital lock that can only be unlocked via smartphone by authorized individuals. This solution not only lends itself for dangerous goods, but also for the protection of high-value items. In addition, applications with QR codes offer a mobile, paperless approach, providing information 24/7 by app. For example, users can retrieve information about the product or the circulation status of each container. 

Successful Trade Fair Presence

CO2 reduction, minimization of space requirements, cost reduction, improved fire and product protection, automation capability, but also transparency and plannability were the wishes most frequently expressed by visitors at the SSI SCHAEFER Plastics booth at FACHPACK. In this context, the diverse range of possible applications for the products as well as the extensive coverage made a lasting impression. Moreover, all products are exclusively manufactured in Germany, so that in conjunction with the know-how acquired over the course of more than five decades, high product quality is ensured.

"The specific selection of reusable plastic containers and bespoke packaging offered by SSI SCHAEFER Plastics, as well as the benefits they provide, were successfully highlighted at this year’s FACHPACK."

Christine Jorzik and Thomas Jettkant
Christine Jorzik and Thomas Jettkant

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