Channel Storage System & Automated Guided Vehicles

Lean processes and integrated software expertise for greater efficiency in the flow of goods


A Scalable System Solution for Resource and Space Optimized Pallet Handling

SSI Orbiter® in combination with AGVs: Simplifying processes, optimizing costs and helping compensate for the ongoing labor shortage

The requirements for intralogistics are changing rapidly. Companies therefore need highly flexible and efficient storage and transport systems that are scalable with regard to growing order numbers as well as new process and customer specifications. SSI SCHAEFER offers a solution in the form of an intelligent combination of space-saving pallet channel storage with an SSI Orbiter channel shuttle and automated guided vehicles (AGV). In parallel, the system guarantees 24/7 availability of goods, helping compensate for the ongoing labor shortage. Once installed, existing solutions can be gradually expanded if necessary.

The solution

Space-saving pallet channel storage in combination with automated guided vehicles

Your Challenges

Identifying potentials for improvement and optimizing your pallet handling:

  • Shortage of specialists
    Lack of skilled personnel to meet increasing requirements and cover multi-shift-operation.

  • Competitiveness jeopardized
    Complex, manual warehouse processes can no longer cope with the ongoing time and cost pressure.

  • Expansion of existing warehouse
    Storage area cannot be expanded due to structural conditions.

  • Time limitations
    Manual order processing can hardly be planned and controlled, and deadline commitments are becoming increasingly difficult to meet.

  • Insufficient efficiency
    Manual picking is error-intensive, associated with long walking distances and generates massive additional effort.

  • Inefficient material flows
    Material buffers block valuable storage space, the lack of space increases and ensures unproductive work processes.

Benefits of combining SSI ORBITER® and Automated Guided Vehicles at a glance:

✓ Less space required, easy integration into existing buidlings
✓ Lower operating costs thanks to high storage density and volume optimization
✓ Constant material flows
✓ Resource-independent 24/7 availability of goods
✓ Increased utilization and error reduction
✓ Minimization of buffer stocks on pallets
✓ Integrated Warehouse Control System (WCS): Increasing performance and flexibility
✓ Low initial costs: The system grows with the requirements


Solution Promise

For reliable planning, implementation and expandability:

✓ Extensibility as the solution grows with your requirements.
✓ Everything from a single source with one strong partner.
✓ Short implementation times for installation and commissioning.
✓ High process reliability with basic transport services.
✓ Software support: Synchronized transports in the network.
✓ Interface compatibility with third-party systems.
✓ Maximum system availability.


Solution at a glance - an intelligent interaction

Combination of channel storage system and automated guided vehicles for maximum efficiency.

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