Case Study Innnes Ltd, Iceland

From a Three-Man Company to the Largest Food Wholesaler

The Challenge

Innnes has been on the market for 35 years and grew from a three-man company to the largest food wholesaler for retail and catering. The land for the logistics center was selected mainly for its location – near the harbor. The location helps the incoming goods to reach the warehouse faster and easier as well as shortens the shipping time to the customers. However, the space of the site was limited and needed to be used with maximum optimization. For example, to be able to store and handle its current volumes manually, Innnes would need three times larger warehouse area and more employees.

“We could keep the organization as it was 35 years ago – preserving completely manual operations. We knew that if we did that, we would not be competing. The only way to stay in the competition is to use technologies.”

Magnús Óli Ólafsson, CEO Innnes Ltd.
Magnús Óli Ólafsson, CEO Innnes Ltd.

Case Study Innnes Ltd, Iceland

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The Solution

SSI SCHAEFER delivered an automated storage and handling solution to Innnes, Iceland’s leading wholesaler and importer of high-quality food products. The system has been in operation since the end of 2020 at the wholesaler’s new distribution center in Reykjavik. The new warehouse has three different temperature zones, in which the company’s dry goods, deep-freeze and fresh products are stored. An innovative combination of automated and manual systems ensures transparent flow of goods, high performance, and efficient processes.

Automation as a Competitive Advantage

Seamless and Sophisticated Logistics for Dry Goods, Deep-freeze and Fresh products

Innnes is the only high-tech warehouse in Iceland. The greatest advantage for the customer is to be able to store all different types of goods in one building. All the three zones for frozen, chilled and dry goods are separated and yet connected to each other to ensure seamless picking and order consolidation handling. The applied concepts not only ensure less manual and heavy workload for the staff but also provide them with the opportunity to work with advanced technologies and diversified scope of tasks.

“We selected SSI SCHAEFER based on their reputation on the market and received a personalized service from the very beginning. They have been advising us on the layout and technology to select based on our process design. SSI SCHAEFER’s experts have been helping us from day one until now.”

Magnús Óli Ólafsson, CEO Innnes Ltd.
Magnús Óli Ólafsson, CEO Innnes Ltd.

Solutions Installed

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

SSI Cuby


SSI Exyz

Work Station

Ergonomic work station solutions


WAMAS ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Software Solutions

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