Manage, Move and Monitor Your Warehouse

WAMAS Manages

  • WAMAS WMS (Warehouse Management Software) The WAMAS Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the inventory software and the brain of the warehouse and provides management, control and optimization.


  • WAMAS WCS (Warehouse Control Software)
    This intelligent hybrid solution combines performance functionalities traditionally covered by two systems (WMS Software, MFS) and controls all the performance modules of an overall system.

  • WAMAS MFS (Material Flow Software) 
    In automated warehouses, this material flow control system handles the central coordination and communication between the connected components, such as stacker cranes, conveyor systems etc.

  • WAMAS Robotics 
    A robot is only as good as the software that controls it. The AI-supported WAMAS Case Picking and WAMAS Piece Picking robotics modules guarantee error-free operation and maximum process reliability.

  • WAMAS Lift & Store 
    The intralogistics software solution for the operation of one or more vertical lifts with modern article and order management, WAMAS Lift & Store optimizes the bundled functionalities for small parts storage and picking. 

WAMAS Monitors & Optimizes

  • WAMAS Control Center 
    As a central information platform, the WAMAS Control Center visualizes not only the technical condition of a warehouse, but also all its material flows and KPIs, and is an essential component of sophisticated performance and maintenance management.

  • WAMAS Maintenance Center 
    We perform predictive maintenance with the help of a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). This electronic service portal for the efficient management and control of maintenance and repair work plays a key role in ensuring the long-term availability of your system.