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There are very few industries that are as regulated as the pharmaceutical and cosmetics markets, and it’s with good reason. The health and safety of consumers is of utmost importance. With new regulations at the forefront for pharmaceutical distribution and most likely coming for the personal care cosmetics industry, SSI SCHAEFER has an array of solutions for each.

Health and beauty products require comprehensive documentation and complex requirements that create extremely demanding material handling situations for drug manufacturers, cosmetic companies, wholesalers, and retailers. Regulations for data capturing technologies and tracing capabilities throughout the supply chain process mandate that information about ingredients, tracing all incoming products and movements within the distribution or manufacturing facility, and tracking the information on all outgoing shipments are captured. This information is crucial and mandated by the FDA and the DSCSA act for the pharmaceutical supply chain within the United States.

SSI SCHAEFER has specialty warehouse management software that handles these regulations and more. Tasks like scanning, expiration dates, lot numbers, and goods-in dates along with tracing product throughout the distribution facility is handled using our WAMAS warehouse management software.

Our team of experts can also walk you through an array of storage and picking options for both fast movers and specialty drug items like narcotics. SSI SCHAEFER has experience with designing and implementing automated storage and picking solutions located inside vaulted or secure areas for Schedule 1 to 4 drugs regulated by the DEA and the Act in Canada for Level 1 to 11 pharmaceuticals.

When it comes to processing cosmetics, fragile packaging and high-value items require a different set of material handling processes. Gentle conveyance and handling of each product play a key role in preventing product breakage, scratches, or damage to the packaging. With seasonal peaks during holiday seasons, you need a solution that can move quickly and guards against product breakage.

SSI SCHAEFER is world renowned for fast-moving picking solutions for drug products and cosmetics within the health and beauty industries. With various A-frame picking solutions, retail and wholesale distribution facilities can pick up to 40,000 cylindrical or rectangular boxed products per hour. Since replenishment is a separate step, it’s easy to handle this during low-load times. It’s a perfect solution for pharmaceuticals, eyewear, and cosmetics.

Robotic picking is also available, which takes a completely hands-off approach for picking solutions. This solution is typically implemented in fulfillment centers where high security is necessary. Robotic picking can easily incorporate scan data capture at the same time as the picking process and can be used for order validation.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:

Cosmetics Fulfillment

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  • Demanding quality standards and low tolerance for errors among end customers

  • Multiple deliveries per day result in order peaks

  • Products have a diverse range of shapes, resulting in difficult handling

  • Differentiation between processes for OTC and RX pharmaceutical products

  • Complete traceability for quality assurance and auditing

  • Validation and certification of software solutions (GDP, GMP)

  • Integration of value-added services

  • Batch picking and sorting for mail-order pharmacies

SSI SCHAEFER possesses extensive expertise and innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics supply chain. This includes manual, partially automated and fully automated solutions.

The concept developed by SSI SCHAEFER for the new distribution center belonging to the French pharmaceutical wholesaler CERP Rouen in Lyon Irigny provides an optimized flow of goods. This system encompasses the processes from incoming goods receipt to shipping and handles approximately 16,000 articles and 25,000 orders per day. An A-frame forms the heart of the picking system for orders with high-turnover products. It features 18 modules and 2052 channels. Other elements of the solution: conveyor systems, shelving systems, ergonomic incoming goods work stations, handling systems, WAMAS® software.

Case Studies

SSI SCHAEFER possesses extensive expertise and innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics supply chain. This includes manual, partially and fully automated solutions.


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Case Study United Drug


Case Study CERP Rouen

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