What do we mean by intralogistics?

Intralogistics or material handling are the logistical flows of materials and goods that take place within a company. The term is a distinction from the transport of goods outside a distribution center.  

The German Mechanical and Plant Engineering Federation (VDMA) defines material handling as the internal movement of goods and materials, as well as the associated logistics activities such as information flow and goods handling in industry, trade, or public institutions. 

The internal material flow is not only considered from a purely technical standpoint, but also from the perspective of process organization and information management. The smooth and efficient interaction of all is one of the greatest challenges in the implementation of intralogistics systems. 

 What are the intralogistics processes? 

Material handling refers to the movement of goods and associated data within a company. The goal is to optimize these flows to improve efficiency. Usually, a distinction is made between the categories: 

  • Storage 

  • Picking and Handling 

  • Conveying 

  • Software 

The respective areas work together and should be coordinated in a good intralogistics process.