Rack Inspection

Rack Inspections for Greater Safety in the Warehouse

Regardless of the size or type of stored goods, racks form the basis of every warehouse or distribution center. Thanks to regular inspections, operators benefit from a reduced risk of accidents and increased system durability.

Rack systems are an integral part of the warehouse infrastructure. They are essentially the ‘backbone’ of the warehouse. Regardless of whether it's a traditional static rack, mobile rack, or automated channel storage system, well-designed and maintained racks can maximize the available space and greatly optimize the efficiency of the warehouse.

Both the requirements and loads placed on the racks increase considerably if companies have a higher goods turnover, use heavy equipment for handling, or keep dangerous or fast-moving goods in storage. To ensure the quality of processes and systems as well as safety in the warehouse at all times – in the event of high and low loads – regular inspections are the key to a sustainable profit performance.

App-based rack inspections according to the EN standard

As part of the comprehensive range of preventive and reactive services, SSI SCHAEFER supports customers around the world with regular quality checks and carries out rack inspections according to EN 15635 "Application and Maintenance of Storage Equipment". These occur during system operation with the aid of visual checks. The results are then documented in the Computerized Maintenance Management System (SSI CMMS) app in digital format. In the event that repair work becomes necessary, professional intervention is prompt.

What makes the SSI CMMS app special is the fact that it combines knowledge and experience from all the systems that SSI SCHAEFER maintains around the world. The continuous exchange of data between all elements creates a consistent database for analyses and evaluations that in turn ensures sustainable maintenance and servicing management.

Advantages of regular rack inspections

Thanks to properly implemented rack inspections for maintenance and servicing, it is possible to identify and prevent malfunctions, damage, and potential causes of accidents at an early stage. Operators enjoy the following benefits in particular:

  • Reduced risk of accidents

  • Durability and resistance of racks and rack systems

Ultimately, reliable rack solutions benefit the entire supply chain as the ‘backbone’ of the warehouse.

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