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Your studies at SSI SCHAEFER

As a student, you have a lot of opportunities at SSI SCHAEFER. For example, these include combined vocational education and degree programs or support from SSI SCHAEFER for your final thesis. With us, you have the chance to combine your theoretical knowledge with practical skills. 

Dual studies

Combined vocational education and degree programs provide you with an course of studies consisting of practical phases at SSI SCHAEFER and theoretical phases at a university. We offer you a variety of interesting fields to choose from. To ensure that you can complete your studies successfully, we place great value in providing the best assistance and support during the practical phases. You can obtain detailed information about our apprenticeships from our Human Resources Department (Personal(at) 

You can complete the following combined vocational education and degree programs at our company:


  • Medium-sized industry

  • International business

Industrial engineering

  • Logistics

Civil engineering

  • Construction engineering

Cooperation with universities

The cooperation between companies and universities has a long-term effect on the performance of academic institutions and the economy. Advances stimulate the company’s day-to-day business and their feasibility can also be tested in real situations.

The transfer of scientific theories to business and working environments leads to a lively interaction between universities and companies. This creates very best foundation for facing the challenges of the future. That is why we cooperate closely with universities and provide students with the opportunity to complete their practical phases throughout the entire duration of their studies at SSI SCHAEFER.