Intelligent Picking with Robotics

Seamlessly integrated and driven by WAMAS® software modules

State-of-the art robotics applications are an integral component of modern and economic logistics 4.0 solutions. SSI SCHAEFER offers one of the widest robotics portfolios for different fields of application on the market that can be tailored to individual industry requirements.

Automated piece picking is becoming increasingly important. SSI SCHAEFER offers standardized piece picking applications , combining robotics with a wide variety of conveying systems to create intelligent overall systems. These solutions cover the requirements of a broad range of different order structures and can be employed for common picking tasks across many industries. The application, developed in collaboration between SSI SCHAEFER and robot specialists fpt, facilitates efficient piece picking and can be used in e-commerce, healthcare & cosmetics or e-grocery applications. The high-performance piece pick robots can be integrated seamlessly into holistic logistics systems.

WAMAS® Software Modules Revolutionize Robot-Supported Picking

The modules of the SSI SCHAEFER logistics software WAMAS® make robots more intelligent and fit holistic logistics applications. The central component of robot control is what’s called the Robot Material Flow Controller (RMC). This processes the 3D vision data, which it then uses to set the movements of the robots. The modular design of WAMAS® enables the creation of customized solutions.

Industrial image processing is one of the key technologies of automation. It can be used to control machines intelligently, automate processes, and verify and check items. Furthermore, corresponding systems check quality criteria and provide valuable data for process optimization. Based on this know-how, SSI SCHAEFER provides users with the required connections of software, intralogistics hardware and industrial image processing from a single source.

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Piece Picking Robot

Piece Picking with Robots


Robot Brains


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