Company history SSI SCHÄFER

Company history

With its nearly 80-year history, SSI SCHAEFER has become the world’s leading logistics solution provider

When Fritz Schäfer founded a manufacturing company for sheet metal products in 1937, no one ever suspected that his company would one day become one of the world’s leading solution providers for logistics systems and products.


In seven and a half decades, SSI SCHAEFER has undergone rapid growth, creating a successful company history in the process

Self-employment had always been his goal and he worked very hard to achieve it: In 1935 in a tiny space in his own laundry room, Fritz Schäfer (1893 – 1951) began working on constructing the first transport containers in his spare time. Two years later, the trained plumber and welder realized his dream and founded his company to produce „factory-made sheet metal goods“. The firm was officially registered in Burbach, Germany on 16.01.1937.



1937: How it all began

On 16th January 1937, the company “Fritz-Schäfer – fabrikmäßige Herstellung von Blechwaren aller Art” was officially registered in Burbach. Over the next 80 years the company would grow to become a global corporate group: SSI SCHAEFER.

1939: The initial success

The company was so successful that the first large production hall had to be added. By 1940 the company already had 20 employees.


Company history SSI SCHÄFER

1953: The milestone

The revolutionary storage fix box was developed. This was a stackable box with a viewing opening at the front.

1961/62: The internationalization begins

The first foreign branch was founded in Switzerland and the second soon followed in England.


1965: No fear of new markets

Fritz Schäfer now also produced static racks and pallet racks.

1972: Always one innovation ahead

The Euro fix box for conveying systems was launched. Other innovations in the following years:

•          Shelves using the plug-in system

•          Turning stackable containers

•          High bay warehouses

Innovations and Trends in material handling and logistics

2000–2001: Family growth

SSI SCHAEFER Noell and SSI SCHAEFER Peem diversified the company’s portfolio with automation solutions.

2002: The marriage of brands

The three companies merged to form the parent brand SSI SCHAEFER.

2008: Operations with a system

The software expert Salomon Automation became part of SSI SCHAEFER.

2010: Continuing rise

The Danish company Handler A/S, an expert for storage lifts, was acquired.

2015: Always in motion

SSI SCHAEFER took over the Belgian manufacturer of auto-guided transport systems, Motum.


Brochure English. 75 years SSI SCHAEFER anniversary brochure 2012

Brochure English. 75 years SSI SCHAEFER anniversary brochure 2012

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