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A-i45 Webinar: Manual to Rack Clad Automated Warehouse

Rack clad warehouses or sometimes known as silo warehouses are built to accommodate all type of storage systems, regardless the nature of the stored goods or the location of the warehouse. A rack clad warehouse can handle the weight and height of the material handling systems, building envelope and stored goods, it also acts as a protective blanket towards external environmental forces such as typhoons and earthquakes in seismic zones. Because the racking is a part of the warehouse structure, this powerful infrastructure is the optimal level of optimizing the warehouse space.

However, in order to build a rack clad warehouse, what kind of installations would follow? What type of automation system fits and why would it matter if you are expanding your warehouse and haven’t yet consider going cladded? 

Join us on A-i45 webinar: Manual to Rack Clad Automated Warehouse and hear from our experts on how to scale up manual warehouse storage systems and turn them into a rack clad automated storage system.

Date: 24 May 2021, Monday
Time: 3pm - 4pm (GMT+8)

Mr. Chan Foong Chow – Steelworks Highbay Warehouse Director, SSI SCHAEFER.
Mr. Ramanathan Vellayappan – Logistics Solutions Senior Consultant, SSI SCHAEFER.

Missed the event? You can always watch the full recording below:

Case Studies

Supply Chain City™, YCH Group headquarters, Singapore

Best practices

YCH Group

Pallets are being loaded into the infeed conveyor

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