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A-i45 Webinar: Manual to Semi-Automated Warehouse Solutions

With the consumers’ consumption levels fluctuating between pre and post-pandemic, many businesses can be seen struggling with unforeseen demand and supply in the market. Depending on the type of goods or products, not all markets are benefiting from this predicament. If your warehouse storage situation is currently facing an influx of material flow (running low in storage capacity) or having to deal with operation efficiency, join us at this webinar where we invite a guest speaker from Universal Voldega3 Logistics Corporation to share why they turn to semi-automated warehouse solution to solve warehousing and logistics issues. Our own SSI SCHAEFER expert in warehouse semi-automated solutions will also be sharing the type of technologies and systems to deploy for both brownfield and greenfield warehouses.

Tip for existing warehouse owners: To increase the efficiency and storage density of your current facility, the solutions do not require building a new warehouse, or dealing with huge stock migrations and disruptions in the current operations.

Date: 28 June 2021, Monday
Time: 3pm (GMT+8)

Mr. Nikolaus Stumpf - Project Manager, Universal Voldega3 Logistics Corporation (Cebu Philippines)
Mr. Thomas Gwee - Product Manager of Semi-Automated Solutions, SSI SCHAEFER

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