SSI SCHAEFER welcomes 1000th visitor group at technological centre

SSI SCHAEFER welcomes 1000th group of visitors to its Technology Center

SSI SCHAEFER’s 4,500-m² Technology Center in Giebelstadt, Germany, was established eight years ago to perform functional, load and endurance tests on new systems and technologies. It is also a forum for customer presentations, special events and conferences. In addition, it serves as a platform for showcasing SSI SCHAEFER Group’s broad portfolio of products and services. Visitors have the opportunity to see live demonstrations of various intralogistics components, to seek advice regarding their individual logistics solution and to learn about the development of market-oriented systems – all in one place.

On 16 May 2017, SSI SCHAEFER welcomed the 1000th group of visitors to the facility – representatives of bevh, Germany’s eCommerce and Mail Order Association. As Christian Milster, an expert for eCommerce and process management at bevh, stated: “We and our members gained unique insights into SSI SCHAEFER’s market-leading, state-of-the-art solutions. The guided tour of the highly advanced Technology Center in Giebelstadt left a profound impression.”

Since the showroom in Giebelstadt was first established, the range of products on display has continued to grow, and now includes storage and retrieval machines (SRMs), ergonomic work  stations, and conveying system components, as well  as the award-winning Schäfer Case Picking (SCP) system. One particular highlight is the presentation of single- and multi-level shuttles for pallets, trays, cartons and bins. Visitors can also view mobile racking, interlinked workstations, palletizing/depalletizing systems, and many other types of warehouse and intralogistics equipment. The majority of exhibits are fully working models that can be employed for demonstrations and tests. New developments or system modifications are also presented on a regular basis to give visitors an insight into cutting-edge technology. One of the most recent solutions to be featured is the WEASEL® automated guided vehicle (AGV) – a recipient of the prestigious IFOY Award 2016. This highly flexible system can be used to move cartons, bins and a variety of goods within warehouses.

However, the Technology Center is not only used to showcase products; it is also the preferred training facility for customers and employees. SSI SCHAEFER instructs its trainees and dual-study program students in the mechatronics and electronics fields on the products. Group tours of the Technology Center also take place on a regular basis, as well as information events and workshops for pupils, students, and lecturers. This actively encourages the important exchange of knowledge between research and industry.

For SSI SCHAEFER, the Technology Center is an ideal way of meeting growing demand for information and granting visibility into new systems and solutions.

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