Automated Guided Vehicle Weasel at C+C Krug

WEASEL® at IFOY Test Camp Intralogistics

Participation in AGV Mesh-Up of VDMA

During the IFOY Test Camps Intralogistics, the “AGV Mesh-Up” organized by the VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics Association will take place in Dortmund on March 25 and 26, 2021. A project team consisting of users and manufacturers of AGVs will present the new interface VDA 5050, which allows vehicles to move via different navigation modes while communicating with a superordinate guidance system in a common data language. SSI SCHAEFER participates in the VDA 5050 interface project and is a member of specific project teams. At the first live test of the collaborative “AGV Mesh-Up”, SSI SCHAEFER is represented via the automated guided vehicle (AGV) WEASEL®, demonstrating a high level of innovation and software expertise.

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) WEASEL is the perfect solution for the transport of small load carriers with base dimensions of 600 x 400 mm and a transport weight of up to 35 kg. The AGV navigates along a visual driving track and can reach a speed of up to 1 meter per second. The fleet controller or fleet manager handles the control and optimization of all transport orders and can communicate with peripheral devices (e.g. conveying system, gates, signal columns, fire protection system, etc.). WEASEL solutions can be flexibly adapted to changing market conditions. For example, the number of vehicles can be increased according to performance requirements or the visual driving tracks can be extended or modified.

Standardized interfaces within an intralogistics system are of great importance, especially in the automotive industry. This is why SSI SCHAEFER participates in the VDMA initiative and is a member of the research group for the development of the interface VDA 5050, which deals with this complex topic. The WEASEL is characterized by its standardized interface to the automotive industry, which allows the WEASEL to navigate under almost any fleet controller. It also has an attractive price-performance ratio. The WEASEL therefore offers a significant competitive and innovative advantage in certain situations.

The AGV solution is not only suitable for holistic projects implemented by SSI SCHAEFER. Also system integrators or users of existing systems can benefit from its advantages, with third-party fleets being easily connected to the AGV WEASEL with plug and play, thanks to the interface VDA 5050. Depending on the requirements, the system can be integrated into different levels of the supply chain – right where it is needed. The WEASEL can add significant value to a company’s intralogistics and offers maximum flexibility in the design of internal goods transport.

Automated Guided Vehicle Weasel at C+C Krug

The AGV WEASEL® can be integrated into different levels of the supply chain thanks to its interface VDA 5050.

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