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Ergonomics as a Basis for Sustainable Logistics

In addition to energy savings and the reduction of CO2 emissions, social responsibility towards employees is a topic that is a complex subject matter relating to sustainability. SSI SCHAEFER considers ergonomic work stations, as well as preventative occupational and system safety, to be both an ethical as well as a moral obligation. This subject plays a fundamental role in the development of SSI SCHAEFER products and solutions.

With modular picking and handling systems (from manual, semi-automated to fully automated), SSI SCHAEFER realizes ergonomic solutions tailored to specific needs. The sustainably designed work stations and processes promote employee motivation and improve the work environment. Furthermore, they help prevent unnecessary efforts and movement that results in health issues. This is beneficial in terms of economics as well by increasing pick rates, reducing errors, lowering the negative effects of employee sick days (non-compliance with service level agreements), and ensuring smooth order processing with low-maintenance and reliable technology. It’s truly both a win-win situation for employees and employers.

SSI SCHAEFER places particular importance on ergonomically optimized work stations, which allow custom integration into holistic solutions, and within this framework, ergonomics@work!® was created. Ergonomical aspects of semi-automated picking systems include touch-friendly contact surfaces and easy operator guidance. Movements, especially lifting and carrying, are supported with ergonomic pulling and pushing, the workflows and work heights are optimized, and the operator is guided with intelligent communication and indicator systems. This environment allows the employee to achieve top performance and significantly improves ergonomics at the work station.

As part of the ergonomics@work!® concept, SSI SCHAEFER relies on its collaboration with renowned and independent experts. Currently, the ergonomical aspects of various work stations are being evaluated in cooperation with the Institut für Arbeitswissenschaft (IAD, Institute for Ergonomics) of the Technical University of Darmstadt. IAD boasts more than 50 years of experience in evaluating physical strains and ergonomics at work stations and has developed countless evaluation methods. An official assessment by IAD confirms that the Get and Pick Stations by SSI SCHAEFER, which were analyzed and comply fully with the current ergonomic standards for working posture (ISO 11226), load handling (ISO 11228-1), and repetitive straining of the upper extremities (EN 1005-5).


Two-Level Get and Pick Station

Fast and ergonomic Get and Pick Station

The Advanced Pick Statio tow-level is suitable for small and throwable items that can be gripped with one hand. It is fast, ergonomic and allows multi-order picking with a performance of up to 1,000 picks per hour.


Best Place to Work: Ergonomics Meets Efficiency

How we strive to contribute to the design of the “Best Place to Work” and to maximize the workplace appeal – a comment by Markus Schellinger, Director Technology & Solutions Retail & Wholesale at SSI SCHAEFER.

Ergonomic picking solutions

Learn more about our manual to semi- and fully automated applications.


Automated order picking

Green Logistics by SSI Schäfer

Semi-automated picking

Person-to-goods wave pick: Picking of hanging garments with RFID scanner

Paperless picking

Work Station

ergonomics@work!® (work station systems)

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