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Decisive Progress in Switching on SSI SCHAEFER's IT Infrastructure

  • Cyber incident averted before encryption

  • Security of customer data and systems confirmed by IT security report

In April, SSI SCHAEFER was the victim of a cyber incident, which was, however, largely averted. The IT security report now available confirms that the incident was detected at an early stage thanks to an effective security infrastructure and continuous monitoring. After an immediate risk assessment, all network connections between the Group's locations were disconnected and all traffic via the Internet was blocked. This quick reaction led to the fact that an encryption of the systems of SSI SCHAEFER could be prevented. Thus, customer data as well as the connections to customer systems were successfully protected against unauthorized third parties.

The findings obtained in the course of the extensive security scans and forensic analyses suggest a general attack that was not specifically directed against SSI SCHAEFER but was broadly spread against companies of a corresponding size. The trigger was a phishing email campaign with a malicious attachment, which was used to smuggle in malware, but no emails were stolen. Before the ransomware was activated, the aforementioned countermeasures were initiated, and the IT network was shut down and customer connections were disconnected. The security of customer data, which enjoys the highest priority at SSI SCHAEFER, was and is thus always guaranteed.

Restoration of Working Capacity Makes Important Progress

Many of SSI SCHAEFER's systems and platforms are now running normally again. This means that, for the most part, it is possible to supply projects on time and in full or to support customers with services of all kinds. Here is an overview:

  • The local company websites of the SSI SCHAEFER Group can be reached as usual. Here, a wide range of information on products, solutions and services of all kinds can be accessed.

  • The production sites produce and deliver.

  • The service hotline continues to run smoothly and is available to customers by telephone without restriction. For inquiries about systems, the SSI SCHAEFER service hotline can be contacted by phone as usual. In addition, the respective direct contact person is also available by phone.

  • A secure environment has been established and the VPN connections to customer installations are gradually being resumed. If, in individual cases, software go-live dates are postponed, customers will be contacted by their respective contact persons to discuss the new schedule.

  • The spare parts webshop is not yet available. SSI SCHAEFER is working on making it available again in the short term. In the meantime, urgent spare parts orders can be placed by phone.

  • The Outlook accesses of all employees are already available again internally. Currently, the corresponding mailboxes are being uploaded, which may take several days depending on the amount of data. As soon as this is completed, SSI SCHAEFER employees will be available again for external e-mail correspondence. Until then, employees will be reached via the channels described above.

SSI SCHAEFER will always provide further information on the website about changes in the situation.

Contact Person

Allison Kho Head of Marketing APAC & MEA Phone No.: +632 8477 0000 Mail: allison.kho@ssi-schaefer.com