Schaefer Orbiter® System

The Schaefer Orbiter® System provides automated pallet handling and maximizes channel storage efficiency

The Schaefer Orbiter® System consists of the special steel construction for the channel storage system, a channel vehicle, also known as the shuttle vehicle, and the corresponding docking station. The rack channels, in which the shuttle system is utilized, are equipped with a centering bracket at the front.

The shuttle vehicle and docking station are inserted into the patented centering bracket of the desired rack channel by a forklift. The centering bracket prevents incorrect positioning and material damage while also saving time. This is a major advantage, especially on the upper levels. The stackers then take the storage palette and place it on the Orbiter® which transports into the next possible space in the channel.

Pallet movements in the channel system as per the FILO and FIFO principles. With the first in-last out (FILO) approach, the pallets are only stored and removed from one side of the rack. In contrast, the first in-first out (FIFO) principle enables the stored pellets to also be removed from the opposite side of the rack. The fully automatic reorganization of the channel ensures that the continuous supply complies with the FIFO logic.

While the Schaefer Orbiter® stores the pallets, the stacker can simultaneously pick up the next pallet in order to resupply the system. You benefit from exceptional time savings and the corresponding increase in efficiency.

The system is also suitable for deep-freeze applications and can handle 100 different pallet types as per regional, national and international standards.


Maximized channel storage efficiency



Shuttle solutions are nothing new for intralogistics. The characteristics that differentiate the SSI SCHAEFER channel storage system from the competition are the features with which the system is tailored to the safety and efficiency requirements of the global markets:

  • Energy supply via patented and environmentally friendly power caps or batteries

  • Innovative lifting mechanisms without hydraulics

  • Safe transport of the Orbiter® using the docking station along with a low risk of accident, preventing expensive repairs and downtimes of the warehouse

  • The highest safety in the warehouse thanks to the redundant design of safety-relevant components

  • User-friendly thanks to its easy handling and ergonomic design

  • The Orbiter® system is also suitable for deep-freeze applications

You receive a complete system as a one-stop solution.

All standard components such as the control technology, shuttle vehicle, and safety elements are manufactured exclusively by SSI SCHAEFER’s own production facilities.

Schäfer Orbiter System

The driving commands to the Schaefer Orbiter® are transferred via remote command. The orbiter itself is exceptionally easy to operate thanks to the logical and clearly understandable image display. The function buttons enable the user to change the radio channel or view the battery status, for example. It is specifically designed to handle the demanding conditions in the warehouse. Once the order has been completed, the shuttle vehicle automatically returns to the docking station.




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