SSI Cuby

SSI Cuby is the single-level shuttle system from SSI SCHAEFER for high availability and cost efficiency combined with attractive pricing.

Shuttle System Cuby with up to 36 storage levels

Smart solution for highest efficiency

The SSI Cuby single-level shuttle system from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for fully automated storage of containers and cartons. The highly efficient system solution can be used in a variety of different industries, enhancing storage efficiency. The shuttles reliably transport containers and cartons weighing up to 35 kg.

The SSI Cuby technology creates smart solutions for optimum space utilization in intralogistics: The double-deep storage option enables the shuttle to utilize the entire depth of the rack to store the containers. The innovative lift system, which moves the containers to the racks, also serves to create a compact facility layout. The use of the rack depth supports for guiding the load handling devices is a unique feature and has been registered for patient approval.

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Smart solutions for the highest efficiency

Shuttle system SSI Cuby

Fully-automated storage of containers and cartons

Shuttle system SSI Cuby Fully-automated storage of containers and cartons

SSI Cuby offers the highest availability through its intelligent and high-performance system components. The storage shuttle system consists of a rack, at least one lift, and one shuttle per storage level. The system also includes the maintenance platforms (lift, control cabinet, and access platform) as well as the control system and our WAMAS® logistics software.

By tailoring the lift and shuttle performance to the conveying systems in the warehouse area and the connected goods-to-person work stations, the system provides a highly attractive solution for a broad spectrum of applications in diverse industries.

The system components are perfectly coordinated and guarantee the combination of high-efficiency with maximum reliability. At the same time, you retain the complete freedom to configure the racking system layout to your requirements. The system components enable you to flexibly expand the facility to as many as 42 storage levels.

  • Fully automated storage system for containers and cartons

  • Enhanced energy efficiency and cost efficiency

  • Excellent use of space through double-deep storage

  • Very robust modular construction

  • High throughput resulting from double lift design option

  • Flexible expansion to up to 42 storage levels

  • Simple and ergonomic maintenance of the shuttles

Efficient Omnichannel Management for Carhartt WIP

Carhartt WIP has received a powerful intralogistics solution from SSI SCHAEFER and can now optimally process all orders depending on the distribution channel.

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