SSI Miniload

SSI Miniload is the ideal solution for making maximum use of vertical storage capacity while minimizing the surface area required.

Schäfer Miniload Crane - Stroage and Retrieval Machine for totes, cartons and trays

Gain Maximum Use of Space with the SSI Miniload

The SSI Miniload is the ideal storage-retrieval machine (SRM) for fully automated miniload logistics. The SSI Miniload enables the storage and picking of containers, cartons, and trays together with a higher throughput in the miniload system. The solution makes optimum use of the available space, even in small warehouses. At the same time, it also guarantees the safe storage of sensitive or valuable goods. Furthermore, the system can be used for deep-freeze applications.

The diverse range of load handling devices means that there are almost no limits to shapes and surfaces of the goods to be stored or buffered. Together with the single or double-boom SSI Miniload, the load handling devices are optimally configured to match your requirements. The modular toolbox provides you with a customized configuration together with an optimum price-performance ratio.

The SSI Miniload is designed for quality and long service life, down to the very last screw. Innovation, customer feedback, and new energy-efficient techniques and options are but a few good reasons to constantly continue optimizing the electro-mechanical design of the SSI Miniload.

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Rack automation for miniload logistics

The sophisticated design of the SSI Miniload focuses on maximum value for the customer. The consistent use of high quality steel guarantees a long service life together with excellent safety while keeping the cost down. Furthermore, the diagonal struts on the boom provide low weight, high dynamics, and a high throughput. In addition, the traveling unit with steel rails and the proven Omega drive is specifically designed for high availability.

Because the SSI Miniload control system has been developed in-house, it can be configured to your specific requirements by adapting the acceleration and braking behavior, for example. As an alternative to SSI SCHAEFER’s WAMAS® warehouse management software, the SSI Miniload can also be controlled directly via the SAP Extended Warehouse Management system.

  • Optimized storage volume (multi-row storage possible)

  • Reliable picking of containers, cartons, and trays

  • Increased throughput for miniload systems

  • Can be configured to match the specific storage strategy thanks to the modular system

  • Safe storage of sensitive or valuable goods

Storage and retrieval machine for containers, cartons and trays

Storage and picking with high troughput

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