E-Commerce & Omnichannel in Food Retail

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Scalable Material Handling for Every Taste

In Food Retail hardly a week goes by without new products appearing on supermarket shelves and growing e-grocery trend calls for new distribution channels. In addition, there are the following challenges:

  • setting up temperature-controlled storage, picking and shipping areas in order to ensure that fresh and frozen foods are not damaged.

  • on the last mile it needs to be ensured that the goods always reach the customer in the desired condition and with an unbroken cold chain.

  • the legal requirements regarding hygiene, best before dates and traceability, which are constantly being supplemented by new regulations.

Warehouse Development Steps for your e-commerce or omnichannel strategy in food retailing:

  1. In order to meet this complex industry requirement profile, basic packages are ideal as a first step, e.g. manual racking systems for fast movers and seasonal goods, which allow direct access to the goods and can also be easily adapted at any time. They can be flexibly filled and easily expanded as product assortments grow.

  2. If performance requirements increase, you can add the SSI LOGIMAT® warehouse vertical lift module and/or automated guided vehicles (AGVs), which relieve your employees, enable a constant material flow and make optimum use of the space in the warehouse, as well as being predestined to simplify the entry into automation.

  3. For medium and slow movers, SSI SCHAEFER offers the SSI Miniload, a classic automatic small parts warehouse with storage-retrieval machines. This allows for efficient handling of a large number of SKUs at medium to high order volumes. In addition, it is very well suited as an automated warehouse for excess stock or pre-picked goods.

  4. The SSI Carrier, our trade press award-winning pocket sorter, is the ideal optimization of two-stage picking - whether it is handled as "person-to-goods", or "goods-to-person". The goods are sorted to the customer orders and sequenced within the orders according to predefined rules.

  5. Our various shuttle systems allow fast and flexible access to the goods and thus meet your demand for increasing performance through automation.

  6. Alternatively or in addition, robots, including our WAMAS® logistics software, support the processes and ensure high picking accuracy with consistent performance and excellent traceability, which is especially important for the fresh produce sector.

  7. The intelligent SSI Case Picking System combines various system modules along the intralogistics process chain into a reliable overall solution for store-specific palletizing of retail units. This solution lets food retailers benefit from automatically perfectly packed pallets and trolleys for efficient delivery to their stores.  This ensures adherence to all regulations and that your goods are always delivered to the “last mile” in perfect condition.

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