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Success stories are always the most exciting when experienced up close and personal. Learn more about our intralogistics projects in our case studies: What challenges had to be overcome? What particularities had to be taken into account? And how were they ultimately successfully implemented? You can find all these interesting and useful details in our case studies.

We always work together with our customers to develop their own success story. Perhaps we can develop the next one with you.

Best practices

DSV Healthcare

AGL’s office

Best practices

Angel Beauty Supply

Al-Nahdi Warehouse Overview

Best practices


Semi-automated warehouse solution: Mobile Pallet Racks

Best practices

Agro Boga Utama

Warehouse Logistics Software WAMAS

Best practices

Case Study Coop Switzerland

Voldega3 Mobile Pallet Racks

Best practices

Voldega3 Philippines

ZF Foton Plant in Jiaxing

Best practices

ZF Foton

LF LOGISTICS Switch to SSI LOGIMAT® for Semi-automated warehouse operation

Best practices

LF Logistics Korea

SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift highest storage density for small parts

Best practices

DCH Auriga

3-tier Mezzanine for garments in flat-packed boxes and on hangers

Best practices

Kerry Logistics

Supply Chain City™, YCH Group headquarters, Singapore

Best practices

YCH Group

Crown Worldwide Group - new facility at Johor, Malaysia

Best practices

Crown Records Management

Pallets are being loaded into the infeed conveyor

Best practices


Tesco Lotus - pick module system and conveyor

Best practices



Best practices


Chin Seng Huat warehouse loading dock at Samut Prakarn Thailand

Best practices

Chin Seng Huat

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Container and Carton Conveyor System

Determining what automated warehouse solutions is best for your application

Which E-commerce Fulfillment Solution is Best for Your Business?

Which E-commerce Fulfillment Solution is Best for Your Business?

SSI Carrier

How to leverage and retrofit existing operations for retail Omnichannel Distribution?

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