From Simple to Complex: The Right Software for Your Vertical Storage

Vertical lift modules offer an efficient storage solution, since storing items vertically saves a great deal of space. Such modules can be used for a wide variety of small parts such as screws or pharmaceutical products. Vertical lift modules also offer numerous options, enabling error-free picking at high speed.

Exploiting the full potential of a vertical lift, requires intelligent software. The WAMAS Lift & Store software solution for vertical lifts offer sophisticated item and order management as the perfect complement to the functionality of the vertical lift module. Touch screens guide employees through the order handling process. This approach virtually eliminates errors and significantly improves picking performance.

WAMAS Lift & Store – Software for Reliable Control and Warehouse Management of Small Parts Storage

WAMAS Lift & Store - small parts storage software - offers sophisticated item and order management to get the best performance out of vertical lift modules.

Depending on the requirements, the software can manage items or integrate barcode scanners. Items are stored and retrieved while the stock is protected. Special algorithmic approaches optimize item grouping, enabling an immediate increase in overall system performance.

WAMAS Lift & Store allows flexible integration and provides a scalable path to automation. It is also possible to integrate and control multiple vertical lift modules together at any time.

Additional benefits of our software solution include harmonization of processes and minimization of picking times.