Increase your storage capacities while optimizing energy & personnel expenses?

We will find a solution!

Quality, hygiene and fast delivery - these are just some of the requirements that cold chain logistics must meet. And today more than ever: the demand for frozen food is growing. What does this mean for your logistics and growth? How can you increase storage capacity and boost productivity despite a shortage of skilled workers? How can energy be saved and operating costs reduced? In short, what does the frozen food warehouse of the future look like?

Challenge accepted!

You know it best yourself: In times of online retailing and increasing product diversity, conventional block warehouses are increasingly reaching their limits. For efficient and economical deep-freeze logistics, it is important to optimize the typical weak points in the long term:

  • The warehouses are too small and do not offer enough space for the growing product demand.

  • There are too few skilled workers who can and want to work in the stressful environment at freezing temperatures.

  • The high energy demand is not only unsustainable, but also one of the biggest cost drivers - with a strong upward trend.

  • Productivity pressure is growing - storage, conveying, transport and order picking can hardly be handled manually in a short time.

One thing is clear: major logistical challenges require masterful intralogistics. And we at SSI SCHAEFER accomplish them day after day.