Manage Complexity, Remain Flexible and Ensure Consistent Top Performance

Whether B2C or B2B, successful fulfilment is a complex multidimensional service with a direct impact on supply chains. As a result, more and more operators of highly automated warehouses are wondering how they can stabilize their processes, as well as how they can further optimize order processing while also achieving more efficient operation.

The best choice for meeting this challenge is the WAMAS Warehouse Control System (WCS), based on principles of data-driven logistics. Human employees combined with performance modules create a virtually unbeatable team.

WAMAS WCS – much more than Material Flow Control

The warehouse control system is a hybrid software solution. A material flow system (MFS) essentially handles tasks of a classic warehouse management system (WMS) in a supplementary role. Thus it provides numerous advanced functionalities in a single software package, building a bridge between the WMS, the automation components used and the available personnel.

WAMAS WCS offers integrated resource management. If conditions change, the system reprioritizes processes in real time. The fulfilment process is always in line with the up-to-date requirements.

Integrated Resource Management – How the Warehouse Control System Works

The WAMAS WCS from SSI SCHAEFER supports all forms of automation, whether for storage, conveying, transport or picking. The software integrates all the components into a high-performance overall system, including case picking, piece picking, electric monorail systems, sorters and scanners, shuttle systems and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles). In particular, WCS uses real-time decision intelligence to ensure optimal goods routing through the warehouse and protect buffer zones.

Resource management also includes warehouse employees, for example by guiding them through the picking process automatically. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to the WCS whether a task is performed by humans or machines; it focuses exclusively on higher-level coordination. Goods should be moved from the warehouse to the shipping department as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why Using a WCS Pays Off

The WAMAS Control System (WCS) from SSI SCHAEFER is especially beneficial in highly automated logistics/distribution centres with many mixed SKUs. These have to handle more and more complex order profiles, which would stretch traditional warehouse management systems (WMS) to or beyond their limits, since the primary focus there is on managing stocks and orders.

A WCS coordinates not only all existing automated and human resources, but also any customer orders placed on short notice. A WCS can also respond to events in real time, significantly increasing the speed of order processing. WAMAS WCS is the best choice to further exploit real-time intelligence to optimize business processes.