OPTION 1: Pallet racks & AGV

How to automate a static pallet rack PR 600

The versatile PR 600 pallet rack from SSI SCHAEFER helps you to increase the transparency of your storage processes. Thanks to the modular system and the extensive range of accessories, pallet racks can be put together individually and easily. The rack system for large load carriers in combination with automated guided vehicles (AGVs) ensures reliable, continuous and automated storage processes. Depending on the storage and retrieval height required in the rack, the automated guided vehicles AMADEUS (up to max. 2.8 m) and ARNY (up to max. 10 m) are used in the warehouse.

Your benefits:

✓ Simple and uncomplicated configuration
✓ Modular system for tailor-made rack solution
✓ Maximum safety thanks to stable construction of racks and AGVs