Next Level Piece Picking: The Benefits for You at a Glance

SSI Piece Picking is our solution for your industry’s challenges. See for yourself and discover the benefits of our robotics solution for your company:

  • Patented Gripping Point Optimization

How does the robot's control scanning manage to read more than 99% of the products on the first try? SSI Piece Picking in action is impressive: Its patent-pending picking point optimization automatically shifts the gripping point, ensuring barcodes are unobscured so they can be scanned immediately.

  • High Performance

Our portal robot uses compact suction knobs instead of finger-shaped grippers. That allows it to reach every corner of a container and grip even the smallest part. The speed adjusts individually to the specific product to save valuable time! With SSI Piece Picking, you can pick up to 1,200 small parts per hour.

  • Pick and Place

Delicate pharmaceutical products or expensive luxury cosmetics? No problem: With a pick-and-place approach, the picking robot places each item as close as possible to the bottom of the container or the storage location above the items already in the container. This not only guarantees especially gentle product handling, but also ensures precise placement to optimize the filling level.

  • Smart Technology

AI-based object recognition with integrated scanning and weighing function guarantees error-free product verification. If something unexpected happens, our smart solution knows exactly what to do: Automatic error correction solves problems like unreadable barcodes right in the robot cell, reducing the need for manual interventions to the absolute minimum.

  • High-performance software

SSI Piece Picking’s owes its impressive performance in no small part to the associated software from the WAMAS portfolio. The software module can be operated as a fully integrated component of a WAMAS installation.

  • Any Task, Any Industry

Whether the packaging is cubical, cylindrical, tube-shaped, or blister packs – our application is effective in a wide range of product assortments across different industries. Furthermore, it improves with every pick: Machine learning allows SSI Piece Picking to accumulate and process experiences.