Mobile racks for light and moderate loads


SSI SCHAEFER’s mobile racks for light and moderate compartment loads are available in four models, depending on the goods stored and the requirements:

  • Crank drive with rail-guided system: This model moves on rails anchored to the floor and is suitable for high and narrow designs.

  • Crank drive with rail-less system: Because the existing floor does not have to be modified when installing this model, the rail-free solution can be easily installed on almost all existing surfaces and is also ideal for use with special floors or heated floors.

  • Electric drive and RFID technology: We combine the versatility of mobile racks with the advantages of modern RFID technology. This creates a racking system that is both secure and convenient to use. It is also suitable for a diverse range of applications in offices, workshops, and archives.

  • Space savings: 40% less space than racks arranged in stationary rows, or 85% more warehouse space within the same area

  • Optimize and reduce time spent moving as part of the in-house processes

  • Economy through reduced rack aisles (reduced space requirements, eliminates need for expensive site expansions)  

  • Optimize your space requirements and free up additional space in the room

  • Three different versions (rail-mounted or rail-less system with crank drive or electric drive with RFID technology)

  • Modular design options

  • The highest quality

  • Highly flexible due to modular configuration and diverse combination options


Brochure Electric mobile shelving system EN

Brochure Electric mobile shelving system EN

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