Automated miniload system (AMS)

Automated miniload systems (AMS) can be configured to provide a diverse range of specifically tailored system options. These enable storage of a vast range of articles on precisely fitting load carriers while simultaneously guaranteeing high system availability.

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Automated miniload system (AMS)

Space-saving storage and fully automated operation

An automated miniload system (AMS) enables you to space-savingly and efficiently store a diverse range of articles in containers, cartons or on trays while making full use of your warehouse’s available height. The IT-controlled storage and retrievals are carried out by storage-retrieval machines or shuttles. The AMS can also be connected to picking work stations using conveying systems or automated-guided vehicles.

AMS and matching load carriers from a single supplier 

SSI SCHAEFER is one of the few AMS specialists that also provides suitable load carriers in addition to the rack constructions and storage machines. As a consequence, we compile all components to create a one-stop solution and we are capable of providing a diverse range of system options, including customized solutions, using our own products.

The automated miniload system (AMS) is the scalable system for dynamic miniload storage

  • Use of diverse storage machines depending on the specific requirements

  • Single and multi-space storage, the latter as a static rack system for storing cartons, for example

  • Diverse storage depths from single to multiple articles deep

  • Models with multiple vertical functional labels and layered storage-retrieval machines for even higher efficiency

  • Integration of flow storage locations

  • Fully automated operations using storage-retrieval machines and shuttle

  • Optimum space utilization provides more storage space in existing buildings and reduces the construction costs for new warehouses

  • Short access and delivery times, suitable for e-commerce

  • Highly dynamic with high turnover performance

  • Diverse versions: Depending on the load carrier selected and the required speed, the storage density can be increased or the rack costs minimized.  

  • Single or multi-space storage, single rows or multiple articles deep, integration of flow storage locations

  • Models with multiple vertical functional labels and layered storage-retrieval machines for even higher efficiency


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