Successive warehouse automation: Partially or fully automated warehouse

As you continue to grow, it will be necessary to determine whether a manual warehouse solution can continue to meet customer expectations in the future. When the order intake increases, logistics quickly becomes a stumbling block: Long search times and cumbersome processes hinder the material flow. Order processing slows, while process costs rise, risking not only customer satisfaction, but also your company’s profitability. Three main points to consider are:

  • Make the Best Use of Your Storage Space 

Cost reduction through compact storage – that’s the secret of efficient stockkeeping. For example, our mobile racks, channel storage systems and SSI LOGIMAT® vertical lift module are designed to take up less space than static applications while significantly increasing storage capacity. This approach offers compact storage for products of all types and sizes and can easily compensate for volume increases through installation of new rack lines. Dynamic, flexible and precisely tailored to your needs! 

  • Reduce Staffing, Save Time and Lower Costs 

The skilled labor shortage affects SMEs particularly. That is one the several good reasons to gradually switch to automated storage systems: Many repetitive processes are not very ergonomic and subject your employees to a high level of physical strain. Partially automated solutions ease warehouse work, speed up operations and reduce the risk of damage and picking errors associated with manual storage. 

  • Increase Performance Through Material Flow Optimization 

Optimal delivery quality, reliable on-time delivery and the best possible picking performance – these require efficient, transparent flows of goods. Tailored solutions from SSI SCHAEFER help you get the best out of your logistics: Combine manual and automatic storage systems precisely according to your needs. Do you need to expand your capacity quickly? Or to scale up during ongoing operation? Or do you need a 24/7 flow of goods? We help you make it happen.