Case Study JYSK

Perfectly furnished

The Danes have a term that describes a cozy, comfortable living space where you feel completely at home. They call it “hyggelig”. JYSK brings this Scandinavian decor into the homes of a wide variety of consumers – suitable for every lifestyle.

The company’s history began with Lars Larsen, founder of JYSK, in 1979. For the first time ever, he offered everything one would need for a good night’s sleep under one roof: Beds, blankets, and pillows. Today, JYSK is a leading retailer of mattresses, furnishings, and home accessories, with more than 2,800 stores worldwide. In order for the wide variety of products to arrive in stores and be delivered to customers on time around the world, the logistics must run perfectly. Since 2007, JYSK and SSI SCHAEFER have had a trusting partnership and have created three of the most modern logistics centers in the retail industry. By modernizing and expanding the location in Denmark, the partners not only built the largest dynamic distribution center in the country, but, most importantly, guaranteed the efficiency of the processes for today and tomorrow – with a fourth highly dynamic high-bay warehouse and the customized WAMAS® logistics software.