Step-by-step implementation of new solution

  • The cartons are supplied on pallets to the Goods-in Stations equipped with pallet lifting tables where they are repacked into storage bins by the goods-in staff.

  • Fast and medium movers are transported on the conveying system to the SSI Miniload with two aisles for storage. The remaining products are stored in the SSI Carousel, which can accommodate 11,000 bins.

  • The orders are started automatically; manual picking from flow racks is accomplished using RF technology. Fast movers are picked from the fully automatic picking system A-Frame, which is equipped with a double filling point and connected to the SSI Miniload by flow racks.

  • Picking from the SSI Carousel with two connected Get and Pick StationsĀ is done according to the goods-to-person principle. A picking performance of 1,000 picks per hour is achieved at each work station.